Many, Many Hands

by ThisisDA

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Produced by ThisisDA
Mastered by Jouko Lavonen


released April 15, 2019


all rights reserved



ThisisDA UK

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Track Name: The Verdict
flex from trough to the top of the map
spread love give props like that
in the same boat docks like that
make it rain drop that drop that cash
more than a long time coming
alarm bells ring, sirens humming
many pages blank, thumbing
still scrolling, screen rolling
under the sun freeloading
quantize life this time
on the last life line
swear down though got it this time
look back see i'm every right place, wrong timing
rap king hybrid
with the calibre high rate climbing
subverting a regular person
earning my way to be earnest
stone's throw from the perfect
all part of the plan and the purpose
can't miss, be worthless
holla back, curved it
enlightened though, i learned it
stay straight face 'til the verdict

what they got for me, no commodity
might be a new world property
fresh like payday robbery
ain't no clue about stopping these

chest up head high yessir
living in tandem never know random
child of God so we thank Him
all praise most high
days go by
yeah i did that, oh my
too late to explain but i know why
tryna mind my isness and business
this time round be down for the difference
round by round on wisdom
strict profound ambition
what you hear now envision
no face no case no witness
Track Name: Gauche
don't wanna be popular no more
sight of myself is such an eyesore
dem boy there wanna holla for a draw
dem girl there what they want me for
no time to question no more
back of my mind i find no cause
remain ghost
close? no

life of the party hardly
how do i instigate my discarding
down for the self
ask how i found my wealth
socially stay stealth
no-one else, name ring no bell
this time round no hell
off that grid live like no-one's kid
claiming real but what is
constant trip, spent, energy deal
snapchat share that meal
connect and feel
tip and split that bill otherwise can't chill
i was on pills still couldn't lose my appeal
faith in me so real
but break down what you build why i find you ill

perhaps i'll say it nicely
if you love me, why not leave me
hit you up when i feel likely
if you like me, why invite me
all i do is remain icy
middle of road, never in vogue
never take on what gets sold
don't it get old
Track Name: Turbo Clock
*all that time you put in stop let that drop
to be passive no enforcing on my watch i think not
and all that
all them ways we watch the clock
life in constant culture shock
what appears and what is really not

ain’t gotta ask me twice
i'm over life like paradise
been parallel in my paradigm and i'll sink ship if you break ice
approach me on brake light dark night no headlight
that's right yeah red light green light
that's right yeah they like we like
much of the ways been learning since
talk about waves talk about stuck in my ways
analyse one of them days must be the way
puzzled i ain't on the way
how I make all of this pay
came for black fade to grey
never look back what do I say


i'm up there top clock brain waves don't stop
am i down? think not
what men'll do for the box not mean to do for the box
how i cruise through the lot see 'em gluing to the spot
never knew'n what it cost
office blocks tower blocks close a lot
try convince man what it's not
grow quick go hand me a job
making up plans i ain't lost
ain't understanding a lot why i rock hand on my crotch
why i talk slang and they mock
but they don’t know me like i know me
young shinobi
jon obi
one of one yeah one and only
cumbersome when life loading
stuck in a screen every dimension i been
replaying reliving me
when will i be over
and over it seems what do they see
just to agree
never expand your degree
how do you paddle a sea? drowning if you asking me
live life on feet no knee

Track Name: Burner
did i forget to mention i'm in other dimension
these rhymes simple extension
my mind complex invention
i know God was on His job when He was thinking bout the lot
now i put everything i can right back into it never lost
i got enough direction and time to tap perfection
this life only a blessing i find when i'm not stressing
take deep breath in when the spirit sit inside of me connecting
not the message from the cerebellum that is meant to bless 'em
it's the energy

clearly defined
swear down it's different this time
long road, common goal
stay firm press bold 'til we told
signing out i put my life on the line
i can feel ya energy

energy inside it collide like a ride
how you feel inside it's more than a vibe
maybe lost the plot
shot clock point drop
make a move change mood
roundabout think stop
synapse collapse as ya mind track back
days on the brink, nowadays a blink
rolling severed dice tryna head it right
if He make you mine you sorted for life
my kinda energy
Track Name: Settle
can we talk about love and all its' connotations
i mean the real thing, not phoney allegations
you done the field thing and feel you lost ya patience
and all your friends are gon grow up and move off to their stations
they pat you on the back, feel for the moment amazing
'til you reminded it's nearly a decade you been waiting
on hold for the right one still the position is vacant
advertising all the time a regular day thing
like you ain't really moved an inch, it's clear where you staying
and even if you lost for words we hear what you saying
that large amount tryna count all them beds that you lay in
consider love as an area that we've all be grey in
yet you feel alone
frequency tapped onna low but you grown
creeping deep up in the city how you roam
making plans that ya people won't condone
bet you feel it when you home

and all i wanna do is slide through
i might chill i'm ice cool
when everything in check and feel alright to
i don't get my way no telling what i might do
while aligning all the while and say i'm like you
all I wanna do is slide through
i might chill i'm ice cool
when everything in check and feel alright to
i don't get my way no telling what i might do
just to settle in the end and barely like you
Track Name: Boy Racer
all these agitations
limitations never hold me
you've been talking out that heat yet to hear a word that scald me
i should focus on myself for myself is what he told me
you on gang gang gang please explain how you enrolling
if i see it i'ma call it how it is though
nearly lost my head with the endo out the window
insufficient funds had me talking bout the wins though
get it how you live guess is why my spirit did broke
man, i mend it up
that appendage cut throw it to the wayside
independent man since i was dribbling bout yea high
dwelling with a great mind
now they seeing me pressing out the backing from my 1k mpc
you want beats go head holla man i might just chuck it free
nowadays i've been reeling really feeling like bobby
i'm on a great thing manifested in due time
still a real fresh ... in his prime
drop a dime

this is nothing but a day in the life
fore i crash, daddy told me take a day at a time
still feel the panic like i'm never saying it right
to be taking my time gotta be patient as I Am
this is nothing but a day in the life
fore i crash, daddy told me take a day at a time
still feel the panic like i'm never saying it right
'til i cease with the feeling keep it way on the side

and by design i'm barely caught up in two minds
when i leave this life look i know what i'll find
you searching for the meaning how you amplifying things you leave behind
see i'm surveying the side eagle-eyed
you can think you're right still i put that down to time
plenty limits to a man subjugated by the mind
and for mine i was never truly out for what i'm told, man
bigger hand got a plan damn you better fold fam
told 'em what i'm owed man and be here for hours
still i feel the freedom like frida falling from towers
all that power seeming sour when there really is no purpose
if there's meaning in your soul why your words weighing worthless
won't work on any surface so rethink that approach
life inside ya bones it'll be deep before you know
but 'til then i'm onna roll full throttle lane switch, stay bold
puzzle never solved that be all you'll know
that be all you know
Track Name: The Things
long as i get my thrills
my way when my blood spills
i'm concealed pressed to be real
try express how i feel
long as i get my thrills
my way when my blood spills
unconcealed why would i chill
inside all i feel

long as i get my thrills i'm nice
consequence i don't think twice
confuse all my needs on sight time again
but i handle mines
might be too tapped for advice
wonder in them mind like eyes
cap them thrills, seek surprise
gamble with my peace of mind
got the guide how i lead the blind all in due time
let's make a move then
chase improvement
make a movement
wasting all my ways i'm human
truth be told no we love collusion
all that talk but still stale to prove 'em
grand illusion
mass confusion
take the crowd down convolution


long as i get my thrills why fold
i belong in moments i mold
half the while i feel so involved
just the perks of these thrills i'm sold
in the field still pitch my soul
do the most in my minor role
streaming dreams
never load
making pro/regress, annulled
those who know never show
those who don't, well guess you know
unless you don't
set the tone like precious stones that flesh the home
against the world the contest a-go
truth be told the boy best alone
i set the road toss your rose out in cold
no future woe


step up be impressed
look what i got next
Track Name: Dawn Again
i'm proceeding just to leave it there
deep in times i can't even share
and even if i wanted to
only owe you what is coming to you

only when i'm a match for the dead will i ever take back what i said
still everything is impacting my head
slow track i'm a captain instead how i lose what i gain onna regs
get left
slow change on the circuit
realise if time worth it
only down for the purpose, you on surface
life on earth only a service
come to a close
let my time here fold
say they know, no they don't
never understand that mold
offload what you need
keep what they don't go forth proceed
couldn't see the trees from the trees from the
couldn't see the blood from the leaves in the fall
devil on read had God on call
no fool, knew keep cool
set an example how i choose my tools
but ya still on that distract (yeah man)
thought it was on off-track
never coulda guess woulda cost that
why i had to stop and get off that
grew up and i lost that
see what the evening spawn
i'm down when i ditch doubt by dawn
how many days can i count forlorn
how many ways could i outperform
never mind what the night form
down, don't doubt by dawn
all of them days i can count forlorn
how many ways can i outperform now
Track Name: Cutem
adjust taste as i'm wandering this dead weight
keeping a shutter on the clutter round my head space
surfing through them decades watching ways i drop face
can't pin that me and you talk you're talking lost game
nothing that it cost
came close though discarded quick
you rose though my only aim to tarnish it
you can harness any argument you want
this reply been set: no response
i just had to cut her off
cut her all off

yeah you rode with me, many shows with me
approach late but resembling an old buddy
gave you control from me, you taking notes from me
you lost focus how you tied up emotionally
skipping slumbers slipping tryna find our sound
we shared a vision plenty time to hold it down
round towns tryna circulate our name out
getting creative how we navigate the same drought
wasn't a moment i weren't feeling like i owned it
a worthy ... never seeing no opponents
i was in paris longchamp 10k i got response man
no longer been feeling like a lost man
and that's the cost man leaving you at loss, damn
going for it, negating what we recorded
places i been know you just don't get it
bout to make a move sure as hell i ain't regretting, cutem off
shake 'em loose level up
cutem all off

you had my back, so many others attacked
we was young - institution on the same track
i was rapping you was happy that i staged that
let me be me with no encroach always stayed back
and i noticed it, drifting while you focusing
i got too lost up in myself know i owe you big
taught me the game and all the ways i ought to handle it
you had your focus on these women like a camera, kid
but adolescence had my mental on dismantling
in my absence only hope it was no damage did
couldn't handle it, maybe it's my loss
in the end i did the job i just had to cut him off
went and cut him off
next life we'll pick it up
'til then it's the cut off
i cutem all off.
Track Name: ISO
different views from different angles.

abiding no rule
i don't pursue i just peruse
never on limited choose
see them boy there do get it confused
lose that cool jump through hoop
always seek that proof when they speak that truth
my life rev like V12 engine
all my thoughts
not to mention lay some things to rest ain't resurrecting
when they put everything on first impression you forfeit lesson
so i'm forgetting the second guessing
now what's the message

when we discussing them moves know i been about the most
when you bringing forth your rules you can leave 'em at the post
feel the only one who knows
that's why i don't trust you so how much light you let in?
what's your setting, ISO?

minimum ways
i cannot script my behave
i just pour into a page stuck on a mission for days
A's since days of grades
waves them ricochet
wisdom ways i pray
since my ways are paved
i call that grace when we

discussing them moves know i been about the most
when you bringing forth your rules you can leave 'em at the post
feel the only one who knows
that's why i don't trust you so how much light you let in?
what's your setting, ISO?

all that quandary i'm wondering how to keep 'em off me
that curiosity to lead belief in being something
see how they discussing - disgusting
miss the mark by miles and wonder why they cannot function

you're talking plenty
body i don't need any
we fake that friendly
take or leave you one of many
Track Name: God for an Hour
what men do for power
pulling cards, pulling towers
if only to play God for an hour

they be on that ma anand tip, bhagwan trip
backtracking on every armistice to accomplish power and the way of money
stay perennially hungry
satisfy the needs of the dominating country
net tabs on we
must be
professional f**kery
valley of the shadow couldn't touch me
i be where the crux be
check up on my percent or don't trust me
'til these white folks windrush me
i push the boat out
counting on ways to make it float out
dive into day zero like it's no drought
and i got no doubt no fear neither
time tells 'til then we only toss 'em a teaser
know you be on that faux woke business
post post-truth tryna recruit witness
up against the tide for sure
save eyes for what's really in store, way off the floor


mission control my soul
what a sight to behold
there's a man who see no beauty in gold
i put away my days
no slave to behave controlled
all i see is control, control i know.

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